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*** Production of the TheraSnore II is curently not available. Check back soon for more information on when this appliance will be available. ***

Since 1987 Distar has been providing safe sleep to the world. During the past several years many of our doctors have asked if we would create a laboratory fabricated appliance to add to the TheraSnore family of appliances. In September 2008, Distar introduced the TheraSnore II at the California Dental Associations Fall meeting in San Francisco .

The TheraSnore II is fabricated in Distar’s Dental Laboratory providing the doctor and the patient with an anti-snoring appliance with exceptional quality and a highly effective treatment for snoring and OSA.

How it Works!
The TheraSnore II is custom fabricated for each patient with high quality acrylic and stainless steel springs. Consisting of an upper and lower arch the TheraSnore II fits securely and comfortably for your patient.

The TheraSnore II gently holds the mandible in a slightly protrusive position so that the airway remains open during sleep. This protrusive position helps keep the soft palate and tongue from obstructing the airway while asleep. Should the patient need to be moved to a more protrusive position the doctor simple needs to advance the mandible by adjusting the springs, this adjustment can be done chair-side and the appliance does not need to be sent back to the laboratory.


Features and Benefits:

  • Adjustable chair side forwards or backwards in precise increments.
  • Strong stainless steel adjustment springs.
  • Easily adjust vertical opening for patient comfort.
  • Custom acrylic upper and lower trays.
  • Complete vertical and lateral freedom of movement.
  • Most patients return to centric occlusion naturally after removing the appliance.
  • Low cost
  • Great practice builder

...providing safe sleep since 1987

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that the TheraSnore® and all other anti-snoring appliances be fit by a physician or dentist. Patients may not fit themselves.

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